Are masks required in testing locations?

Are masks required in testing locations?

CDC guidance currently states that masks are required in all healthcare settings. As such, we require all patients, staff, and any other visitor to remain masked at all times at our collection sites except when producing a specimen.
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    • Are masks required at testing locations?

      Yes. Regardless of any other guidelines or facility rules, masks are required for all staff and testers to minimize exposure pursuant to CDC guidelines.
    • What information is required to be tested?

      People utilizing a SHIELD community testing site must provide an email address or phone number as identification to be tested and receive results. For testing at schools or other organizations not open to the public, the sponsoring organization may ...
    • What information is required is required for the questionnaire?

      The information that is required are: 1). General Information Organization type SHIELD ID Organization/district name 2). Main Office Information Website Facility phone Mailing address 3). Shipping Address 4). Main Point of Contact Full Name Email ...
    • Isn't a collection site the perfect place for COVID-19 to spread?

      Every precaution is taken at collection sites. In fact, no collection site worker (who might spend 40 hours/week at a collection site) has been infected at work. Drooling does not generate an appreciable amount of aerosols, so there is no worry for ...
    • Can other local school employees test at my location?

      No. However, SHIELD Illinois tests at several community testing locations across the state of Illinois. Please refer to the SHEILD Illinois or IDPH website for more information.  1. Click here for the SHIELD Illinois website 2. Click here for the ...