Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE) Community Testing Location FAQs

Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE) Community Testing Location FAQs

What type of testing is done at CRCE?

The test done at CRCE is provided by SHIELD Illinois. Prior to taking a test,  refrain from eating/drinking/smoking 60 minutes before testing. SHIELD Illinois testing supplies will be used and tests will be processed at SHIELD Illinois labs. More details on the covidSHIELD test can be found in the SHIELD FAQ section of our Knowledge Base.

Who can test with SHIELD at CRCE?

Anyone!  Students, staff, faculty, and community members are welcome to test with SHIELD free of charge.  This testing site is open to the UIUC community and the public.  This test will give testers an accurate PCR test for free with results available within 24-48 hours.

Where should community members test?

Community members or members of the public should use the SHIELD test at CRCE.  This test is available Monday – Friday from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm free of charge to anyone who needs to test.  Individuals can make an appointment through their Patient Portal, or they go to the site during testing hours and they will be processed as a walk-in.  Either is acceptable.

Will I get my results from the McKinley app?

Your results for the SHIELD test done at CRCE will not appear in the McKinley app.  You may access your results in your private SHIELD Illinois Patient Portal.  Only you have access to these results.  They are not released to anyone on the UIUC campus or your medical provider.  You can print the results to share them with anyone you would like.

Why will we not get our SHIELD results through the McKinley app?

SHIELD Illinois does not utilize the McKinley Health app and the McKinley Health Center does not provide the test. 

Can we do the PCR test at home and bring it back to this site?

SHIELD does not offer unobserved or at-home testing at the CRCE community testing location. 

Are antigen (at home/rapid) tests available at the SHIELD testing site in CRCE?

No.  SHIELD does not provide antigen tests.  Antigen tests are available to UIUC community members who show an active ICard elsewhere on campus and at the front desk of CRCE.  More information on those locations can be found here