Can I send an updated roster?

Can I send an updated roster?

If you have additional patients or users to add:
  1. Less than 50 users/patients - Roster adds of less than 50 patients or users need to be added individually through the Mass Tester application.
  2. 50 or more users/patients - Roster adds of more than 50 patients can be submitted through the same process used to upload the initial roster. However, it should be noted that rosters for new organizations onboarding will be prioritized over additions. 
If you have existing patients or user to remove:
  1. Less than 50 users/patients - To remove less than 30 users/patients, please use the Consent Module. (See instructions below).
  2. 50 or more users/patients - You can submit a roster with the patients to remove as instructed in the onboarding documentation and training. However, it should be noted that rosters for new patients will be prioritized over removals.
If you have patients to edit:
  1. Less than 50 users/patients- Patient records and information updates can be done manually by the agency in the Point and Click system

  1. More than 50 users/patients- Patient records and information can be mass updated. Please contact your SHIELD Illinois Relationship Manager for instructions

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