How to activate your Self Collected covidSHIELD Kit in the PnC Portal.

How to activate your Self Collected covidSHIELD Kit in the PnC Portal.

This article provides instructions on activating a self collected covidSHIELD test kit in the patent portal.

Step 1
Navigate to and login into your account. 

Step 2
On the main menu, click “Self Collection COVID Kit” to begin your self accession collection process.

Step 3
Once on the Self Collection COVID Kit module, read the initial instructions and click continue to proceed. Please note that kits must be returned to a designated drop-off point within 12 hours of the sample being procured. 

Step 4
Select the drop-off location from the drop-down list.
Important: This is the location you will drop your sample off. Please double-check to make sure this is correct

Step 5
First enter the Specimen Number on the barcode label provided in your kit. The specimen number is on the left side of the label, starts with two letters, and is 9 characters long. 

Step 6
Then enter the Kit Number on the barcode label provided in your kit. The kit number is plainly labeled "kit number" and is 5 numbers long. 

Step 7
Answer the CDC questions. 

Step 8
Click the Submit to Activate you Self Collected COVID Test button to activate the test kit and submit your order. Please note that if this step is not completed, your test kit will not be activated and will not be tested. 

Step 9
Wrap provided self accession label vertically around collection vial and place into the biohazard bag. Make sure to seal tightly. Do not remove the absorbent material from the bag. 

Step 10
Deliver the specimen to the location drop-off site you selected during specified times for delivery to the lab. Protect the bag from temperature extremes and return to your school, following their collection protocols.

Warning: Keep away from temperature extremes. Do not freeze or keep in your car.

If instructions are NOT followed correctly, your sample will be rejected. Results will be available in the patient portal once the test has been processed. Notifications will be sent via email and/or text, depending on selected preferences. Please allow 24-48 hours for resulting.

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