What fields are required in the Patient Roster?

What fields are required in the Patient Roster?

o Last Name
o First name
o Middle name (optional)
o Sex
o EmployeeNumber
o WorkEmailAddress
o MobilePhone
o Isstudent
o Isemployee
o Isconsented
o School
o LocalAddress1
o Localcity
o Localstate
o LocalZipcode
o Ethnicity
o Race

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    • Why do I need to provide the Patient Roster information?

      o SHIELD Illinois needs this information to create patient records in our EMR software PnC. Once records are created, patients may test.Why do I need to provide student emails? o IDPH requires demographic and contact information to assist with ...
    • Why am I asked my demographic information, including my race and date of birth?

      The laboratory that processes the tests needs to identify the sample to the person who provides the sample, requiring a date of birth. Also, all positive test results  must be reported to the Illinois Department of Public Health in accordance with ...
    • What information is required is required for the questionnaire?

      The information that is required are: 1). General Information Organization type SHIELD ID Organization/district name 2). Main Office Information Website Facility phone Mailing address 3). Shipping Address 4). Main Point of Contact Full Name Email ...
    • Can I send an updated roster?

      If you have additional patients or users to add: Less than 50 users/patients - Roster adds of less than 50 patients or users need to be added individually through the Mass Tester application. 50 or more users/patients - Roster adds of more than 50 ...
    • What information is required to be tested?

      People utilizing a SHIELD community testing site must provide an email address or phone number as identification to be tested and receive results. For testing at schools or other organizations not open to the public, the sponsoring organization may ...