Who determines the testing schedule?

Who determines the testing schedule?

Your organization will work with the operations partner to set a testing schedule for your location. This will be based on the operations partner’s availability. 
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    • How often should we be testing?

      Testing at least twice a week maximizes SHIELD’s ability to find infections early and break the  transmission chain. However, if contact tracing is strong at your location, weekly testing  can be effective. The more frequently someone is tested, the ...
    • Can I schedule a test for myself?

      SHIELD Illinois does not offer individual testing. However, individuals can get tested using the covidSHIELD test by SHIELD Illinois through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) community testing sites. The list of sites and times can be ...
    • Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE) Community Testing Location FAQs

      Is the test done at CRCE different than the test done at Illini Union?  If so, what is the difference and why? The test done at CRCE is provided by SHIELD Illinois.  This test differs in the time you are asked to refrain from eating/drinking/smoking ...
    • How do I add community testing (or other agency) to my child's profile?

      If your dependent child tests with SHIELD Illinois at school or camp and you would like to take them to a SHIELD Illinois community testing site for additional testing, you will first need to add the community testing agency to your child's profile. ...
    • Are masks required in testing locations?

      CDC guidance currently states that masks are required in all healthcare settings. As such, we require all patients, staff, and any other visitor to remain masked at all times at our collection sites except when producing a specimen.