Who should complete the questionnaire?

Who should complete the questionnaire?

The person who will be the primary point of contact during the onboarding process.
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    • Where is the questionnaire link?

      The questionnaire link can be found on the Onboarding Guide page sent to you by your relationship manager. Please also find the links below: The link to the Onboarding Guide can be found here The link to the questionnaire can be found here
    • How do I access my onboarding portal?

      You should have received an invitation to join your organization's onboarding portal. If you did not, please contact the SHIELD partner help desk to get an invitation. The onboarding portal can always be reached ...
    • Where do I find instructions to complete the questionnaire?

      The questionnaire has detailed descriptions on what information is necessary for each field.
    • How do I print patient QR codes?

      Please refer to PnC training course, link to the course found on the onboarding guide.
    • What is the questionnaire used for?

      The information you submit in your questionnaire will be used to set up your organization for lab planning, IT, and general site setup.